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Amoena 49427004 

Amoena Weighted Leisure Form, Size 4, Ivory

Amoena Weighted Leisure Form, Size 4, Ivory

SKU:  49427004
$87.84 by 1 Each

The Amoena Weighted Leisure Form with Comfort+ technology offers superior temperature regulation as well as a new, advanced SmartSilver® antimicrobial technology. A Comfort+ fabric layer continuously works to maintain a dry environment by absorbing excess body heat during a rise in temperature and helps to prevent perspiration behind the form. This technology is integrated into the back fabric, providing a natural antimicrobial benefit of inhibiting bacterial growth which results in a more hygienic climate during healing and recovery. This polyurethane foam form has an antimicrobial finish and is slightly weighted with barium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral in powder form that provides you with a cooling sensation.

  • Removable, washable fabric cover helps maintain a clean environment.
  • Ideal for wear while sleeping.
  • During times when a full silicone form is not needed.
  • To make sleep more comfortable by filling out the pocket of a nightgown and keeping a natural breast in place.
  • The washable fabric cover is ultra-soft against the skin and can be removed for thorough washing.
  • Average fit.
  • Slightly weighted.
  • Material: Cotton back layer cover, nylon front, polyurethane foam form.
  • Latex-Free.



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