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OPTIONS™ Men's Backless with Built-In Barrier/Support, Gray, Left-Side Stoma, Large 40-42

Options™ Men's Backless With Built-In Barrier/support, Gray, Left-Side Stoma, Large 40-42
Options (80)

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OPTIONS™ Men's Backless with built-in barrier/support, gray, left-side stoma, Large 40-42. Men's Backless ideal for day, sleep and intimacy. Leg and waist band holds pouch securely against your body to ensure freedom and movement. Just right under swimwear. No fly opening. 50% Cotton/50% Poly. Ostomy Barrier/Support 100% Cotton-absorbs/wicks moisture away from skin.

OPTIONS™ contain the patented built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support designed by an ostomate for 24-hour wear for day, sleep and intimacy. Patients can forget they are wearing a pouch – they can wear regular clothing and virtually eliminate leakage. Designed for discreet appearance and to provide a flatter abdominal profile. When the pouch is contained within the support, it provides a larger area across the abdomen for pouch contents to be evenly distributed, providing concealment. To conceal and prevent bulging/ballooning, it is recommended that a 9” pouch or longer pouch be used, directing the pouch tail to the opposite side. The support provides security, peace of mind and maintains an adhesive seal – extended wear time. It also creates a barrier between skin, pouch and wafer that prevents rashes and skin breakdown. User will not feel pouch, heat or tail closure; pouch is rustle-free. Access for urinary night drainage tubing on all products. Barrier/Support 100% cotton wicks/absorbs moisture away from skin. 


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